Wet Flies by Bob Petti

Here is a great article on wet flies.  Thanks John, great find!


Wet Flies


November 2013 Garden Hackle

Here is the November Garden Hackle. Enjoy!

Come to the meeting on November 19th, We will have SSFF Growlers!

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Growlers are in Everett and Bellevue

The Growlers are officially at the Everett Pub and the Orvis Fly shop in Bellevue. Everett has SSFF Ale on tap and ready to pour.

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2013-11-01 16.32.41


Growlers are at the Olympia pub.


They will be at the Everett Pub and Orvis on Saturday



Update on donation details:

Buying a pint of SSFF Ale at the Pub still earns us a dollar donation for SRC conservation, but a growler fill-up of SSFF Ale does not, so feel free to fill your growlers with what ever beer you prefer! then stay and have a SSFF ale for us!

Growlers are in!!

The SSFF growlers are in and they look great!

2013-11-01 05.18.20Make sure you get yours while they last!



Also, the kick off night is scheduled for this saturday from 5-9pm. Show up and have a beer with your fellow anglers!



All Things Cutthroat


Were gearing up to start our November sea run cutthroat conservation fundraiser this weekend.  So to get us in the mood here is a collection of all the posts and articles that have something to do with sea runs. This list is mostly made up for flies for sea run cutthroat. They are definitely flies that should be in your box!



The Graveyard Shift- An article about night fishing on a South Sound beach.


Beach fishing with dry flies-


Spawning Survey


Keta Rose


Midnight Euphasiid


The Tube Clouser


Ferguson Green and Silver


Marabou Clouser


Delia’s Ghost


Little Stone’s Chum Baby


The Guide Fly


The South Sound Finn



Garden Hackle October 2013

Here’s your October Garden Hackle.

Lots of things going on the next couple of months.

October 12th is the Nisqually River Clean-up (details in hackle)

Donations for the SSFF sea-run cutthroat projects are now being accepted. Donate $15 or more and recieve a 32oz growler!

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Garden Hackle Oct13

2012 garden hackle

Sea-Run Cutthroat Conservation Project

SSFF_PR_LogoSalmon may be the symbol of the Northwest, and steelhead may be the soul, but Sea-Run Cutthroat are the heart. For those who call the South Puget Sound their home water, these fish are everything. In the past sea-run cutthroat advocates, with their fingers on the pulse of the Puget Sound, saw the external threats that were bringing sea-run cutthroat numbers down. Determined not to let this resource slip away, they did something about it. Now cutthroat are doing well in the Puget Sound, but are still facing threats. The South Sound Fly Fishers have pledged to carry the torch and continue to make sure these fish can thrive in their natural environment.

For 2013 and 2014 SSFF projects will focus on the sea-run cutthroat’s freshwater environment. Through hook and line surveys, scale samples, photo documentation and observation we intend to provide hard evidence to whether or not these cutthroat are utilizing south Puget sound streams during non-spawning times (times when these streams are under harvest regulations). With our findings we will work with WDFW to shape regulations to better protect these fish. We will also continue to help WDFW with cutthroat redd surveys, as well as making sure signage is posted on beaches and on catch-and-release waters leading to the south sound.

To help fund these efforts we have partnered with Fish Brewing to create an exciting and fun way to raise money!

For the month of November Fish Brewing will be serving a South Sound Fly Fishers Ale to help raise money for cutthroat conservation. For a $15 donation to SSFF cutthroat projects, you will receive a 32-oz SSFF cutthroat growler as a thank you. There is no limit on donations and growlers!

Here is what you need to know:

- All of November you can buy a pint of SSFF Ale at any Fish Tale Pub location. Fish Brewing will donate $1/pint to South Sound Fly Fishers sea-run conservation projects.

- You can donate to our project at www.southsoundflyfishers.org/SRCproject. When you donate $15 or more, you will receive a SSFF growler as a thank you!  You will be able to pick them up at any Fish Tale Brew Pub. 

- There will be an event kick off night on Saturday November 2nd from 6-9pm at the Olympia Fish Tale Brew Pub.

- Directions to your local Fish Tale Brew Pub can be found below.

- If you would like to help in anyway contact Ryan Haseman at [email protected]

Directions to the Olympia Fish Tale Brew Pub

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Directions to the Everett Fish Tale Brew Pub

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Minke: A Fishing Multi-Tool on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding via Kickstarter and Indiegogo has hit its stride. While I’m still on the fence on whether it will withstand commercial spoilage and continue to be a viable way of funding your startup, it is definitely the current trend in getting some cash to further your project.

Minke is a new project on Kickstarter that is fly fishing related! It is a fishing multi tool that allows you to tie knots, thread hooks, cut line and clean hook eyes. There are already a few of these type of tools on the market, but none with the ergonomics the Minke has tried to build in. What do you think? Useful?  Being a part of the fishing consumer demographic, my opinion is that in this market a gimmick is very likely to be called out. Our gear has to be efficient, have stripped down practicality, and above all else be useful.  You can visit the project site and get the details.

Garden Hackle September 2013

Here is the September 2013 Garden Hackle.
Garden Hackle 2013

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