Merril Lake Outing July 15th

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The July outing will be to Merrill Lake on the south side of
Mt. St. Helens. It will be held on the weekend of July 15th
through 17th. The timing is planned to correspond with the
Hexagenia hatch. Because the hatch occurs at dusk until
after dark it is advised to camp at the lake or near by.
There will also be a sign up sheet for this outing at the
June general meeting.

You can find driving directions here

We will be following this up with a post on hexagenia flies.

Spey Casting Class with Carl Zarelli

We are offering a Spey Casting Class in July. Carl Zarelli,
FFF Certified Master Flycasting Instructor, has agreed to
teach a spey casting class for our club. This class is limited
to four participants and two of the spots are already filled,
so if you are interested in learning about Spey Casting get
ahold of me right away. This class will be held on three
evenings – July 21, 26 & 28 – at Wapato Lake which is
just off I-5 at 72nd street in south Tacoma. This class is
being offering at a tremendous bargain. The fee is $25 and
if you attend all three classes you will receive ½ of your
class fee back. In addition all class fees will be donated to
our club’s conservation fund.

Fly of the Month: June 2011- Silver Slayer

(Pink Rhea Silver Fly)
Tying Instructions
Fly designed by Joe Kristof
The Fuchia seems to work better, but need both colors.
Hook – 2/0 or 3/0
Eyes – silver medium sized dumbbell eye witheither a
yellow/black or green/black eyeball – tied on bottom of
hook shank
Stinger Hook – size 2 Owner or Gamagatsu with either 30
lb firewire or furled 10 lb Chameleon Maxima
Tail – straight cut pink rabbit
Tail Flash – super thin pearl flash – 10 strands
Body – cross cut pink rabbit
Body Flash – blue/silver holographic tinsel – 10 - 15
Hackle – Pink or Fuschia Rhea - bunch tied around body
Wings – Pink grizzly hackle – 1 tied in on each side
Head – pink seal or sparkle antron dubbing
Tying Instructions
1. Select a 2/0 or 3/0 salmon hook and tie the dumbbell
eye on the bottom of the hook shank
2. Make up stinger hook and tie on to the top of the hook
shank so that the stinger hook is point straight up.
3. Tie on the pink straight cut rabbit tail at the back of the
hook shank. Trim the rabbit so that it extends to the bend
of the stinger hook.
4. Tie on 5 strands of super thin pearl flash on top of the
tail and then 5 strands on the bottom of the tail. Trim to
the length of the tail.
5. Tie in the cross cut pink rabbit and wrap up the hook
6. At the front of the rabbit body, tie on 10-15 strands
blue/silver holographic tinsel directly on top of the rabbit
body. Trim to the length of the tail.
7. At the front of the rabbit body, bunch tie pink rhea
around the entire body. The tips of the rhea should extend
all the way to the end of the tail.
8. At the rhea wrap in point, tie in one (1) pink/grizzly
hackle tip at the 10 o’clock location of the hook shank and
one (1) pink/grizzly hackle tip at the 2 o’clock location of
the hook shank.
9. Dub the head of the fly with either pink seal or pink
sparkle antron dubbing. The dubbing should be wrapped
behind and around the dumbbell eyes.
10. Tie the head of the fly, whip finish and seal the head.
11. Cut off the 2/0 or 3/0 hook shank at the end of the
rabbit body

Garden Hackle June 2011

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